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Jason Fyk
WTF Magazine



I’m 40 now. I hate that number. I missed 30 through 36 fighting the real estate recession. I missed 37 sitting in a Baltimore City jail facing attempted murder charges. I missed 38 trying to recover from jail, but I LIVED, oh yeah I lived 39 and 40! So does that make me 40 still, or since I lost all those years, does it make me 32 years old in a 40 year old package? I’m not sure which it is but I don’t feel 40. I feel like a 32 year old that has experienced the burden of a lifetime of ups and downs. Wisdom beyond my years but youth lost. That’s my life.

My life experiences are not normal. I’m not the typical guy that gets up every day, goes to work, hangs out with buddies on the weekend and has two and a half children, white picket fence and a dog. Nope, that’s not me!

I grew up in a time without pagers and cell phones, when people still spun a dial to call people. It sounds surreal to some people, as if looking back into ancient time but to me, it was just yesterday. Where did the years, MY years go?

When I was kid things seemed great. I had successful, happily married parents. I was going to a great school. I was destined for great things, I thought. I could not have foreseen what life would bring my way.

Through the years we watch the evolution of our lives and the evolution of everything around us. We seem to lose track of time in a way. We miss sections of our lives because we don’t get to stop and enjoy them. Our goals from the day we are born are to be successful. No one grows up thinking: I want to be a loser, but no one also knows what those hurdles are in life, that they will one day face.

My hurdles were no more or less than many other people in this world however how I chose to handle those hurdles is what defines me. As a whole, our nation faces huge hurdles every day, wars, politics, government control, police corruption, global warming, depleting resources, overpopulation and many more! It’s how WE as people work together to handle those mutual hurdles that will ultimately define us as a people and as a species.

Many of you have seen in the news lately stories about: “Civil Rights”, and “Police Corruption”. I’ve seen it too, but I also lived it! Police misuse of authority, violations of my civil rights are just the beginning of this story. Those are just a couple of the hurdles I faced in life. I’m not the type to be stopped. I had huge visions of success for myself and I refuse to allow myself to be beat. I’ll make the changes, adapt to the situation and overcome anything that’s thrown at me.

I know you’re saying “easier said than done Jason”. This world’s fucked up. Why try right? For our children is why! If I can’t motivate you to work with me to make changes, this world is going to get worse. It’s not getting better. You, me, your friends, your neighbors, and our families all need to pay attention to what’s happening. We need to speak up and hold everyone to the same standards we are held to. We need to strive for success as a society. We need to question those that are in power, and ask: Why?

Why does this all matter? Well because like you, I’m the average person, looking to do well in life, looking to be successful and yet a few dirty cops and an assistant attorney general with an agenda can try to strip that from me all for being at the wrong place at the wrong time and taking a cell phone video.

When I was young we didn’t have cell phones with video cameras. We didn’t have much technology at all. These days recording devices are everywhere. They do not lie. What you see is what happened. The saying: There are three sides to every story, one side, the other side and the truth. Video is most often the truth!

So why are some cops these days so opposed to body cams? Maybe because they don’t want the truth told? Maybe they want their word to be the only one that matters? Now this is not all cops, but those that are opposed to cameras, I would believe they have something to hide. I’ve spoken to cops that are all for them. I’d stand beside those cops in a fight if they needed me. But why are we not doing more about cops that abuse their authority?

This story is about a video. That video was used by cops to put me in jail on charges of attempted murder, not because I tried to hurt anyone, not because anyone was seriously injured, not because I did anything against the law but because the so called “victims” had family that were cops. Cops that used their authority to twist facts, manipulate truths, to carry out their personal agenda. They wanted to see me in jail, not because I broke the law, but because they wanted to punish me for the actions of their family members.

I beat my accusers. I beat the system, and now I get to tell my story. How things really happened. Who I am and how I used my false arrest experience to make millions in social media! It’s time to turn the cameras on corrupt law enforcement and hold them to the same standards that we are all held too!

I’m far older and wiser than I was before this experience. So now, yup I’m 40! I lost a lot of years but I’m going to live my life like I’m 32. This is my story of how I lost it all, and then used my experience in Baltimore to build a multimillion dollar social media empire.